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        Richy takes part in Africa Collaring Elephant Project
        Time:2020-09-28 Click:
        Richy have been one of the donors in the African Rhinos anti-poaching and Elephant protection project for few years. 

        In the previously time, besides funds donation support, we have also been to South Africa and Botswana to take part in the wildlife protection projects.

        Photos from 2016, South Africa

        This year, unfortunately because of the COVID-19 virus that we could not support the wildlife protection by visiting Africa. But as usual, we donated $5,000 to support the Collaring Elephants project .

        Certificate of Appreciation

        This Collars project is trying to better understand elephants’ behavior.  Like why they stay in certain areas, how to excess Elephants from South Africa relocated to these parks that now have no elephants. Collaring Elephants allows us to see where the natural corridors are that they would like to roam and we can then analyze where they stop and investigate the reason.
        . It is a tragedy that in some areas of Africa, there are too many Elephants and in others there are none anymore. This project can help to establish some natural migration corridors to help them immigrate.

        In next year around March, the Elephant collared “Richy”  will become one part on the African landscape and its movements would then be tracked for  years that rely on the life of the battery sending the GPS signal to the satellites.  We would love to share this incredible collaring moment with our members and friends. 

        Let’s enjoy the Elephant Tangle collaring-video and looking forward to witnessing our Richy one in the next year.

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