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        Richy sent appreciated coffee to volunteers who participated in the translation for the workshop and assessment for kids with autism
        Time:2020-08-08 Click:
        Three years ago, Richy members and 20 socical volunteers from Shunde English Salon participated in turns in the autism kids assessments project. Their professional translation and hard-work got positive feedback and approbation from the parents of the autistic children and the foreign therapist. At the same time, the successful completion of this volunteered translation  demonstrates the organizer’s ability of integrate resources, so that the volunteers can apply what they have learned which helped the parents have a deeper understanding of their children’s  health and have a clearer understanding of the therapist’s  suggestions of rehabilitation.
        Recently, Anita from Richy made coffee gift packs and sent to volunteers who worked hard for the project for appreciation.Here is her Thank You Letter to all volunteers as below,
        Dear all lovely volunteers,

        Hope everything goes well since we last met.
        Seeing Ian’s picture from salon’s recent event reminds me English salon had organized translation for the workshop and assessment for kids with autism three years ago. Kids and parents got a lot useful information from that. we still owe English salon and all the volunteers an official “ Thank you” Your kindness had made differences,just like sunshine in a cold winter.  
        May our coffee make you feel fresh in the morning and always remind you how wonderful you are!We really appreciate your help !

        Best regards,

        Shunde English Salon who assisted organization sent back thank you letter to Anita as below,
         Dear Anita and Louis,
        I am on behalf of Shunde English Salon to show our grateful to your gifts.
        This charity scheme is fulfilled by every volunteer's effort. More than 20 volunteers sacrificed private time and joined the translation job from morning till night within 7 days. To make sure everything goes well,we established project team to coordinate volunteer's individual time,arrange backup persons,collect related medical documents to cope with unexpected situation...
        We feel this charity translation scheme is very meaningful and deliver positive power to the autism's children.
        We and Richy share common value opinion,and hope to return to the society constantly. As our salon slogan 'Alone we are good. Together we are great'.

        Best regards,

        The volunteers got the gifts and sent thank you in Wechat moment:

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