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        Love from the Mid-Autumn Event in Richy------Summary of Mid-Autumn Festival Activity in 2020
        Time:2020-10-08 Click:
        In the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2020, we felt the charming of Chinese traditional culture together. In the evening on the 29th ,Sep,  Richy organized all employees to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival which created warm and happy holiday atmosphere for the employees and reunion together. We appreciate that all the employees from all staff and our branch-companies attend this annual big event.

        This event includes celebration activities such as lantern-riddles guessing and gift lucky-draws and fantastic food. A sumptuous buffet was served as dinner that all the staff enjoyed themselves in the good food casually. The party kicked off with exciting music and a humorous speech by our General Manager Louis. One of our staff Mr.He brought us melodious guitar playing with wonderful music. The staff and their family were so happy to join in the games and lucky-draw. Everyone loves the gifts games and enjoyed in this wonderful evening with a happy atmosphere.

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