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        In 2015

        Richy built another 8800 m2 water/coffee boiler factory. It's Surewin Branch Factory.

        In 2015

        Richy built a 3000m2 wood bathroom factory for developing, testing and assembling in sauna, hot tub industry.

        In 2014

        RIchy built a 3000 m2 water/coffee boiler factory named Surewin. for manufacturing and developing is this industry.

        In 2013

        RIchy invested a R&D center for Bathroom Ware Division in our supplier's factory.

        In 2012

        RIchy invested a water/coffee boiler factory and built a R&D center in it.

        In 2010

        Richy renamed as Richy(Foshan) Industries and Investments Co.,Ltd.

        In 2007

        Richy Trading Company was set up with electric branch and bathroom branch.